A Vinyl Record Cleaner That Actually Works

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Superior Cleaning Power

Wax Wash is the only vinyl record cleaner that contains a mixture of superior cleaning agents to remove residual montan wax and PTFE's from records.

Pure Ingredients

Wash Wax contains 100% pure ingredients, free of impurities. This ensures that as you clean your vinyl, no other contaminants are introduced.

Lint-free cloths

The cloths synthetic fibres have been carefully selected for specific characteristics including: softness, durability, absorption, and wicking abilities.

Meet Our Stockists

Wax Wash products are available across Australia.


  • Rare Records
  • Vinyl Revival
  • Alley Tunes
  • Station 2 Station
  • Thornbury Records
  • Audio Trends
  • Dixons Recycled Records
  • Radical Records
  • Tourbus
  • Belmont Stereo Systems
  • Blue Suede
  • Waynes World of Music and Excellent Stuff
  • Torquay Vintage
  • Prehistoric Sounds
  • Rediscovery
  • CJ Electronics

New South Wales

  • Red Eye Records
  • Utopia Records
  • The Record Store
  • Title
  • Resist Records
  • The Mosh Pit


  • Rocking Horse
  • Beatniks
  • LP Records
  • Country to City


  • Tommy Gun
  • Avenue Records

South Australia

  • Derringers Music


  • Landspeed